Below a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the question/answer you are looking for please use the Contact Us form.

What is the difference between a financial advisor and a financial coach or trainer?

A licensed financial adviser is like a specialist surgeon that performs an operation, like replacing a hip joint. Often licensed financial advice due to its compliance requirements is often over encompassing and can be costly and overwhelming.

A financial coach however is like your local GP which diagnoses your situation and who you see confidentially see on a regular basis and normally at a much lower cost than a specialist surgeon. Someone who actually gets to know you and your family circumstances. While you may see a financial planner once a year at best, a Financial Coach meets with you much more often to make sure you are on track.

In a crude comparison, if your private health insurance is paying for your hospital bed and specialist costs that you may claim on a few times throughout your life . A Clever Cashflow membership is your Medicare card with access to a range of financial well-being and associated professional skill-sets.

How do I know if I need a financial trainer?

While most of us indeed would benefit from a financial trainer, sometimes only triggering events makes us realise we need support around our financial affairs;

  • It can be that you are making good money but have the feeling you are not getting ahead.
  • You have considered going to get specialized financial advice but think it costs too much.
  • You have decided to make a financial difference to your life.
  • You want to pay off your loans sooner
  • You have had a change in income or expenses

A complimentary first meeting with us we will cover this in greater detail.

What makes Clever Cashflow different to other financial budgeting businesses?

Unlike other companies, Clever Cashflow offers much more than just budget advice. Our help with loans and credit cards as well as a long list of other services like property investment help, financial planning help and ongoing mentoring sets us apart from businesses that want to set you up on a monthly spending plan, collect their fees and forget you.

To our knowledge an offering similar to Clever Cashflow does not yet exist elsewhere in Australia only via various fragmented pieces and always without the vital personal mentoring element.

I already make plenty of money, how can Clever Cashflow actually help me?

Clever Cashflow will help you to develop a healthy set of financial Clever Habits so that you improve where you are now. In our experience, making a lot of money doesn’t mean you know how to keep it. Whether you make a little or a lot, in the end it will be your habits that determine how well you do financially

Clever Cashflow will assist you making an informed decision on how to best manage and use your assets. This includes formulating and qualifying objectives and available opportunities.

How long will it take for me to see a difference in my finances?

One of the first things we do for you is to review your loan and debt situation. In most cases we can facilitate a restructuring of your loans so that you really notice a difference within about 60 days.

One of the other things we focus on immediately is to capture your financial behavior. Awareness (not judgement) is an important first step to discussing what areas should and need to be addressed, in what order and importantly how to take those first baby steps.

Once you are aware of your behaviours, you can work with Clever Cashflow to put strategies in place to change them if necessary.”

It’s this ”Investigate, Become Aware, Change Pattern” formula that will yield immediate results. E.g. when was the last time you spent 20 minutes contacting your home insurance provider to reduce your premium with $350 /year. Or to call your Mobile phone provider after the 24 months lapsed contract and ask for a SIM only plan which reduces your plan fee with a substantial amount each month.

Engagement drives financial results. Clever Cashflow facilitates the engagement!

How long will I need Clever Cashflow's services?

The minimum time we require new clients to stay with us 12 months as this is the minimum time it takes to cover enough ground to be able to value whether a client should stay or leave. Usually after 12 months the conversations become more focused on wealth creating, investment properties etc.

The longest engagement one of financial trainers has had with a single client exceeds 15 years.