Clever Cashflow – How it works

Step 1 – Approx. 1.5 hour free consultation at your location with one of our financial trainers.

Complimentary 1st meeting with personal Fact find interview

This step is designed to set the scene for you and weigh you in. We will assess your situation and personally introduce you to the financial gym equipment, tools and proven strategies. This offers you an opportunity to ask us questions and importantly let you get acquainted with your potential financial support person.

Step 2 – Clever Cashflow Personal Review & Action Plan.

At this point, you will be given access to our technology.

2nd meeting at your home or choice of nearby location.

Written Statement of your financial position.

Written Cash flow analysis

Written review of your debt & mortgage circumstances and options.

Written mortgage and debt proposal, benefits and detailing of proposed action points such as offsets accounts, fixed vs. variable interest, deductible vs. non-deductible interest, refinancing, loan consolidation and equity release.

Overview of investment options e.g. mortgage reduction, investment properties.

Proposed next steps tailored for you.

Access to Clever Cashflow base version of Australia’s most powerful online financial tool consolidating all your accounts in one place and much more.

Step 3 – Clever Cashflow Personal Financial Trainer.

Experience and research shows that if you define and implement individually tailored action points while being supported by and accountable to someone who cares about your progress, you are many times more likely to achieve your goals. The cornerstone of our
service offering is built around teaming you up with a Personal Financial Trainer to guide and support you.

Your Personal Financial Trainer will show you exactly how to use our technology to its full potential.

With a one-on- one Personal Financial Training you are much more likely to lose the weight of debt and/or build your financial muscles.


Your “financial gym” membership & pairing with your personal Financial Trainer

Definition of your personal budget and objectives

Meetings with your Personal Financial Trainer five times per year for the first year

Written reports and feedback at every meeting

Personal online and telephone support during office hours

24/7 online access to your live budget data

Loan & debt restructure as required

All your accounts consolidated into the full version of Clever Cashflow online financial budgeting/reporting and financial tools